ECTS students learn through real world experiences, connecting with professionals, and earning industry certifications and college credits, which gives them an edge over their peers.


Parents can play an important role in the career planning of their child. A technical education is a viable option for 3 of every 4 teenagers. Parents are invited and encouraged to explore the value of a career and technical education.


Providing a quality career and technical education requires the involvement of many people, from guidance counselors, to school board directors, to business owners. Connecting all of these partners is a priority at the technical school.


Employers are important customers for career and technical education. An employer who is satisfied with an ECTS student means that student received the right training. That is exactly our aim!

The Erie County Technical School is the Technical Education provider for over 800 students from across 11 School District in Erie County.  Students learn current job skills in hands on laboratory classrooms earning industry credentials while attending High School.

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Dare to be Different!

Young women and young men who choose non-traditional careers can expect to have lifetime earnings that are 150% of the wages of women and men in traditional careers.  The Erie County Technical School is 'on your side' and 'dares you to be different' as you choose your career path.  We encourage you to follow your passion -- don't let tradition get in your way.  For more information on 'daring to be different,' visit iseek.

Recently the Erie County Technical School was featured by Erie News Now in Giving you the Business.  The leadership and faculty discuss many of our successes, the value of a technical education while in High School, and clarify some of challenges we're facing. more at Erie News Now

To learn more about all of our amazing opportunities for eligible Erie County High School students to begin a transformational education in a technical career field, and earn credentials that get them an edge in the workforce browse through our PROGRAMS menu.

Discover why a Career and Technical Education is becoming so much more advantageous in so many ways.  Learn what you can do with a Technical Education before, during, and after your college ambitions.  Consider how a Technical Education can get you ahead, today.

Early Childhood Education Instructor Donna Erdman, and Electrical Engineering Instructor Corey Long proudly accepted our Erie’s Choice 2018 Award for Technical Education on October 17th, 2018.