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Discover our Multiple Industry Credential Earning, College Credit Accredited Career Paths

You may remember us as “Vo-Tech“; but if you haven’t heard, technical education today is SO MUCH MORE! Through accreditation, articulation, and industry partnerships our technical education programs earn college credit, industry certification, and immediate employment opportunities.

What is a Technical Education?

Career and Technical Education (previously referred to as Vo-Tech, and more recently on the political stage as CTE) is a career focused education. In Career and Technical Education, the curriculum is always adapted to an actual career path and then applied in laboratory practice as well as practical application.

More Valuable

Did you know that a transcript from a Technical Education can be more valuable? Students earn industry certifications while in tandem earning accredited college credit. This often can lead to higher wage employment while attending college even if their college choice is a different career path. It can also mean entering their career immediately after high school.

How to Apply?

Review our Admissions Process for a complete picture in how our application process works. We are a public high-school; and therefore are available to any student attending high school.

National Importance

Don’t just take our word for it.

The Bureau of Career and Technical Education at the United States Department of Education explains Technical Education in their CTE 101 presentation.

In 2015, United States First Lady Michelle Obama discussed the significance and importance of Technical Education in our society.

More recently, Mike Rowe, famous for his work with the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, where he worked side-by-side in seemingly every career possible, illustrates his viewpoint on how Technical Education is an under rated cornerstone to our society. Mike Rowe has dedicated his life to changing the perception of technical education and has launched his mikeroweWORKS Foundation to educate America on how to close the skills gap and preventing unnecessary student loan debt.

CTE101 – US. Dept. of Education
First Lady Michelle Obama speaking on the value and importance of a Technical Education
CTE – Mike Rowe at Skills USA Part 1
CTE – Mike Rowe at Skills USA Part 2