Computer Programming

Creating ‘apps’ for that!

Design programming solutions for business information challenges. Use a wide range of unique software development languages to manipulate and present data.  Write and edit source code and applets in interactive web-based applications such as HTML and Java.

You Can Be . . .

  • Computer consultant 
  • Computer applications specialist 
  • Web page designer 
  • Programmer

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Career Focus

Prepared for college in software development or Management Information Systems

What You . . .

College Credits

Satisfactory completion of this program earns you college credits. See details on our College Partners page.


Students in the Computer Programming program may earn the following industry certification:

  • Oracle Certification
  • CareerSafe Safety Awareness Certificate

Prospective Students

You should have the ability to think logically; good speaking, reading, and writing skills, and the ability to pay attention to detail.

Enter the World of Data Processing

This program presents current practices in the ever-changing world of data processing. Studies include design and internal functions, operations, computer operation and programming, web design, data processing and systems design.