Creating ‘apps’ for that!

Are you interested in creating computer programs, games and apps by learning to write code?  Every industry has a need for computer programmers.  The demand is great and so are the opportunities. If you love computers and want to learn program code, Computer Programming  will give you the fundamentals in a variety of codes. You’ll gain the skills to create your own programs and can go on to major in any computer related programs.  ECTS will put you on the path to creating the next great App!

  • Design programming solutions for business information challenges. 
  • Use a wide range of unique software development languages to manipulate and present data.  
  • Write and edit source code and applets in interactive web-based applications such as HTML and Java.


Prospective Students

You should have the ability to think logically; good speaking, reading, and writing skills, and the ability to pay attention to detail.

You Can Be . . .

  • Computer consultant 
  • Computer applications specialist 
  • Web page designer 
  • Programmer

Learn about these occupations and more at O-Net

Career Focus

Prepared for college in software development or Management Information Systems

Earn College Credits

Satisfactory completion of this program earns you college credits. See our list of universities we have articulation agreements with.

Get Certified

Students in the Computer Programming program may earn the following industry certification:

  • Oracle Certification
  • CareerSafe Safety Awareness Certificate

What’s It Like?

This program presents current practices in the ever-changing world of data processing. Studies include design and internal functions, operations, computer operation and programming, web design, data processing and systems design.