Color outside the lines!

Do you love art? Our Art and Design major sets you on the path to turning your art talent into a career.  You’ll learn the fundamentals of drawing, illustrating, photography, Photoshop, and videography.  You will build a portfolio to prepare you for a career in multimedia design. Graduates go on to art school or university art programs to further develop their talent.  Bring your passion for art to Art and Design!


Prospective Students

You should have good communication skills, be deadline aware and motivated, customer centered, and able to work with constructive criticism from client critiques.

You Can Be . . .

  • Web designer 
  • Graphic design apprentice 
  • Photo portrait assistant 
  • Sign painter 
  • Video camera operator 

Learn about these occupations and more at O-Net.

Career Focus

Prepared for college in Multimedia and Design and immediate employment.

Earn College Credits

Satisfactory completion of this program earns you college credits. See our list of universities we have articulation agreements with, and the PA SOAR Agreements this program is certified with at CollegeTransfer.NET.

Get Certified

Students in this program may earn the following industry certification: 

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Certification

What’s It Like?

In the first year of the Art & Design program, students receive training in core art skills, including color theory, perspective and illustrative drawing, lettering, photography and basic design concepts. 

In the second and third years, students receive complex training in problem-solving skills by applying the design process to projects. Using a combination of computerization, photographic and conventional illustrative methods, students prepare a professional portfolio.