Parents -- Consider a Technical Education

A technical education can be a valuable investment in your child's future.  Besides technical skills, ECTS students earn college credits, industry credentials, their high school diploma, and invaluable life experiences.

We encourage you to discuss and explore the career interests of your child.  All of our sending school districts have programs and resources to help you and your child explore their career interests and the best pathway to fulfill their ambition.  Consider a technical education.

ECTS Students . . .

  • Attend tuition free 
  • Look forward to school 
  • Prepare for future careers 
  • Earn certifications and college credits 
  • Are treated like adults and encouraged to succeed 
  • Learn lifelong skills from industry professionals 
  • Gain real world experiences

Parents of Current Students

ic logoThe Erie County Technical School uses Infinite Campus for student data management, including grades and attendance.  Click Parent & Student Portal to access student grades and attendance information. 
If you have any questions or concerns please contact the High School Office (814) 464-8602 or you may also contact the instructors directly at (814) 464-8600 and search the Staff Directory.