Career Alternative Education Program

Discover What You're Good At

Through a unique partnership between the Erie County Technical School and the Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center, the Career Alternative Education Program provides students a unique hands-on learning experience in a therapeutic environment.  With the use of a therapeutic counseling strategies combined with an academic focus, our goal is to help students improve their self-esteem, give new purpose and direction to their education, and develop the needed pro-social skills to succeed in school.

Career Alternative Education Program

Students are referred to the Career Alternative Education Program by their home school district in cooperation with parents/guardians.  Located at the Erie County Technical School, students are exposed to a variety of hands-on experiences. Students work in vocational labs and classrooms to apply academic skills as they explore various occupational activities.

The program operates Monday through Friday and serves middle and high school students, grades six through twelve. The program operates between Noon to 5 p.m. and follows the regular school year calendar. Transportation is provided by each student’s home school district.

For more information about the Career Alternative Education Program please call 814-566-3160.